Massive Medal 1/2 Marathon Course

This course is set to start at the North Marina of Willard Bay. This will be a bused out start. Runners will run around Willard Bay on the dike and finish at the South Marina. This is the flattest course you will ever run. No hills up or down. Beautiful lakes all around. This is true Half Marathon course because it has a C Shaped course and less than 40 feet of decline or change. This is part of the reason for the big medal. Racers will not be able to have an advantage of a downhill race.

5K and 10K Course Maps

10K/5K Course Starts and ends at the finish line of the Half Marathon. 10K Racers will run out and back on the dike 3.1 miles totally 6.2 Miles. 10K will turn around at 2nd aid station. The 5K will turn around at the first aid station at 1.55 Miles totally 3.1 Miles.



Aid Stations

Half Marathon aid stations - Mile 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11.55

10K Aid Stations - Mile 1.55, 3.1, 4.65

5K Aid Stations - Mile 1.55

All aid stations will have water, Powerade, Cups, Volunteers, Potties. Select aid stations on the Half Marathon will have GU Gels.

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